This is our adorable little "Teddy Bear"! He is just barely 3 lbs and has the cutest little babydoll face and is such a loveable cuddler and is the Daddy and/or Granddaddy to our yorkie babies! He is AKC and CKC registered from champion lines!
He has an amazing coat but we keep him shaved because he's a typical boy and likes to run and play and doesn't go for all that daily froo froo grooming!
This is little "Libbey"! She is so loveable and also has an adorable face. She is 5 lbs. and is a real sweetheart that follows me everywhere! She is one of our adorable babies that we couldn't bear to part with!
This is our beautiful girl "Rosie"! She is a rare chocolate & Tan that turned a light shade of brown. She is only 4 1/2 lbs. and is the sweetest little girl!
We are so happy to be able to make her part of our family!
Hello everyone! You might remember me from years ago, I went by the name of Sharmin's Toy poodles and specialized in the tiniest cutest Poodles with adorable babydoll faces for over 30 years. Some of my past babies reside with famous athletes and celebrities.

But time marched on and I got older and I retired from breeding poodles. This worked for a few years, but my heart felt empty, and I just missed holding and cuddling my babies so much!

My Mom passed away and her dream had always been to own a yorkshire terrier. So I decided to buy my first Yorkie in her memory. And so began my start in yorkies. And now I'm retired at home in sunny Southern California and am a small hobby breeder. I only have a couple litters of yorkshire terrier puppies a year and our dogs and pups are members of the family and are raised at home underfoot with lots of Love and attention! !

I specialize in adorable healthy babydoll faced Yorkies in traditional black/blue & gold and black/blue & tan and also have the rarer Partis and Chocolates occasionally too. I stick to the yorkshire terrier standard of 4-7 lbs but I also get very tiny teacup yorkie pups from 2-4 lbs. for sale occasionally too!

So check back and visit my Nursery Page to see what's coming up. I don't have pups very often, but they are true quality, well loved and are definately worth the wait!!
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For more info you can contact me:
Lynda Burch at 760-927-7798 (any afternoon or evening to talk in person) or message me at any time 24/7.

or email me at:
(but it does take awhile for me to get to my emails!)
Check below for our adorable babies parents!
This is our new little guy "Squirt"! He is a rare Blonde or Tan as he is registered by AKC standards. But some breeders call them "Golddust". But whatever you call him, he's adorable! He is a tiny 4 lbs. and is such a little cuddler!
He has such a sweet face with big brown eyes! He has been such a great addition to our little family! Look for his babies soon!