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Our puppies have been brought up with love and care and we are looking for the best homes that we can possibly find for them. To get you off to a good start with your new family member, all of our puppies come with the following:
Feel free to Contact Me at :
From 2:00pm-11:30pm PST
  If your puppy that you picked is either too young or not ready to be picked up or shipped yet, we ask for a $300 *non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy until he/she is old enough or ready to go home. Sorry we can no longer hold puppies without a deposit.

  We accept cash, postal money orders, Zelle or Venmo for our puppy purchase. We will also accept a personal check for the deposit as long as it has at least 2-3 weeks to clear the bank before pick up or delivery.

  Sorry but due to recent scams we no longer accept PayPal!

  Once a deposit is recieved, puppy will be marked SOLD and we will do our best to send you photos and keep you updated on your puppy's progress. And you are always welcome to call or text if you have any questions!
* Deposits recieved are deducted from the purchase price. Deposits are non refundable if the buyer changes their mind or does not complete the sale for any reason! Deposit may be applied (at sellers discretion) to the purchase of another puppy at a later date. Deposit will only be returned if something happens to the puppy while in the sellers care.
If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from us, please contact us to assure availability. Also, please let us know a little bit about yourself when you contact us.  This helps us determine which might be the perfect puppy for your situation.

Emails are a great way to comunicate, but we really love to talk to you by phone if you are wanting to purchase one of our pups. Not only is it a great way to get to know each other,  but it's so much easier to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and assure that the puppy you have chosen is the one we feel would be the best match for you and your family.  Also, I love to know who my babies are going to!
         * Age appropriate  Wormings & Vaccinations.

         * A 1 year health guarantee against genetic defects.

         * A starter sample of the food your puppy is accustomed to.

         * A stuffed toy and/or blanket with Mom's and littermates                          scent to make them feel more comfortable in their new                         home.

         * A puppy birth certificate and pedigree (if sold as a pet not                    for breeding, Registration papers, if given, will either be                         marked limited or sent apon proof of altering.)

         * Registration papers and Pedigree if sold for breeding or                              show.

         * Puppy will come to you already started using puppy                                   training pads to make housebreaking easier.

         * If puppy requires shipping, they will also come with a                                  health certificate and carrier.

         * Lifetime puppy support from us!
Sorry we are not offering shipping at this time!

We have safely shipped dogs to many cities all over the US for over 20 years. Time has gone by and prices have gone up and even Airlines have changed names, but flying is still the fastest way to travel over a long distance.

While on the plane there are many laws and rules set in place to make sure your pet arrives to you happy and healthy. The area that your puppy will be in, must be kept at a constant temperature at all times with the same circulating filtered air that all the rest of the passengers on the plane breathe too. And many airlines (such as United) have a PETSAFE program where they even have heated and air conditioned shuttles that taxi your puppy to the plane in comfort.

Also a fact that many people do not know, is that most puppies get car sick during a long car ride but they don't get sick during a plane ride. This is especially good to know for tiny teacups, as throwing up can cause sugar to fall and lead to hypoglycemia. I would much rather send a tiny puppy on a 3 or 4 hour plane ride than an 8 hour car ride.
The newest way to ship is to use a Puppy Nanny! A Puppy Nanny is someone willing to travel and pick up your puppy at our airport and fly back with them to your airport where you will meet and pick up your puppy. The advantage to this is that the puppy will fly with the Nanny in a carrier on their lap or under the seat and will have someone with them at all times. Most puppy nannies charge from $400- $700.

We are always willing to accomadate and hire a Puppy Nanny for you (at your expense) if that is how you would would feel safest transporting your new baby home!



*Males are usually $1200-$2500 depending on size, quality and type of registration

*Females are usually $1800-$2500 depending on size, quality and type of registration.

*AKC registration prices are usually higher due to increased time involved with paperwork and inspections, higher registration costs, and ever increasing prices and very limited availability to purchase quality AKC breeding stock.

We breed for Quality, Good health, Size and temperament. And of course for those adorable cute babydoll faces!
For more info you can contact:
Lynda Burch at 423-215-5785 (any afternoon or evening to talk in person) or message me at any time.
or email me at:
(but it sometimes takes me awhile to get to emails!)
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The MOST IMPORTANT thing is PLEASE be patient! We know that you are excited to meet the new member of your family, but our #1 priority is getting your puppy to you the safest way possible and at the best age for them and only when they are ready to go! Please do not send the money for your puppy and expect them the next day. Shipping requires a recent Health Certificate and reservations in advance. These arrangements take time so PLEASE BE PATIENT!