Welcome to
Olynn's Orchards
After spending many years working at a company job, what better way to retire than buy a small 2 1/2 acre farm up in the high desert zoned for agriculture with the view of rolling hills and beautiful blue skies and clean fresh air!
Well thats exactly what we did, and so we packed up and Olynn's Orchard here we come!
Contact us (Lynda & Ernie) at: OlynnsOrchards@gmail.com
And what's a farm without animals?....So we brought the dogs with us.....and then came the tiny pigs! And what good would a farm be with out chickens and fresh eggs, so they came next.
Thanks for visiting! We have some adorable animal pictures for your enjoyment and will be adding more soon. So sit back, relax and enjoy your stay at Olynn's Orchard.
For more info on our amazing animals, click the tabs above!
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