Ever since I was a little girl and read Charlottes Web, I have wanted a little pig. But of course growing up in the city, pigs weren't allowed and also mini pigs weren't even around yet. A 600lb. regular pig in the house wouldn't have been a pretty site. So of course my parents vetoed that idea fast!
But I never gave up the hope of one day having a farm and a little pig. Well after retiring, I finally got my dream of owning a farm and the search began.

Then I found out that there were mini pigs. They were also claiming to have tiny teacup, micro, micro mini, nano, dandy and all kinds of very tiny pigs. I was so excited and began my search for a tiny pig!

I was in for a rude awakening. These so called teacup micro mini nano pigs came with a BIG price tag! I saw prices from $1000 all the way up to $10,000.00! Way too rich for this retired girls blood!
I was Devastated! I saw my dream fading away fast.
But then I heard from a friend that someone who had bought a mini Potbelly pig for $1000 at a pet shop was giving it away to a good home. Her name was "MOLLY" and they said she was 1 yr. old and full grown at 45 lbs.
Well she was a bit bigger than I had in mind, but full grown at 45 lbs. really didn't seem so bad. And after all, we did have a farm. So I went and got her and brought her home. But supposedly full grown "Molly" GREW and GREW and GREW! Until by 2 1/2 years old she was pushing 100 lbs! Not exactly what I expected but she was getting along great on the farm.
(OK did someone forget to mention to me that pigs grow until they are at least 3 years old and some up to the age of 5? Yep!)
"BACON" was returned to a "Teacup" Pig breeder because they weren't allowed to keep her, so they gave me a bargain price. Here she is at only 6mos. old and already 35 lbs. next to my 6 lb. dog
Well "Bacon" also GREW and GREW and GREW but ended up a bit smaller at 60 lbs and 16 inches tall at 3 years, so I was making progress, but definately NO TEACUP! So much for the expensive micro mini teacup breeder!
(*NOTE: pigs are built very dense so a pig the same size as a dog will usually weigh 3 times as much!)
So this next time I did a lot of research and found out that the Juliana Pig is the smallest of the minis and are also built leaner than other breeds. So I searched to find just the right babies and bought quality JPAR registered pigs.
So entered "MARLEY" & "MIA". These two little sisters are now 2 1/2 years old and are only 12 inches tall. They are the cutest sweetest Itty Bitty Pigs and they have really stolen my heart. They are very well fed but still have kept their tiny size. That's why it is so important if you are looking for a tiny pig to find one that is bred to be tiny (never starved or sickly to stay little!!) These little guys actually eat way more than my 100 lb. Potbelly and still stay tiny!
MARLEY and MIA shown here at 2 1/2 years old with my husband who is 5'9". You can see they are still tiny but have darkened to a deep grey with black spots. So yes tiny pigs do exist, but sadly pigs that can fit in a teacup grown do not!
After waiting a year and a half to find the right tiny boy to go with Marley and Mia, enter "PEANUT" shown here at 3 mos old and only 2 lbs.
He is such a little doll and the sweetest most loving little guy. He loves to do tricks for treats and rolls over for a quick tummy rub too! He is now a little over a year old and just 11 inches tall. Hopefully he will be the Daddy soon to babies from Marley & Mia. We can't wait so check our Itty Bitty Nursery page in February 2018 when they are due!
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SADLY due to my increasing health and heart problems, I had to give up my dream and my much loved pigs! But luckily they are all enjoying a wonderful life on a large farm together!