And after spending many years working at a company job, what better way to retire than buy a small 2 1/2 acre farm up in the high desert zoned for agriculture.
Well thats exactly what we did, and so we packed up, moved  and Olynn's Orchard here we come!
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And what's a farm without animals?....So we brought the dogs with us.....and then came the tiny pigs! And what good would a farm be with out chickens and fresh eggs, so they came next.

We met a long long time ago way back in High School in guitar class our Junior year at Glendale High School in 1973. We had fun, hiked and dated a bit and spent Grad Night together at Disneyland in 1975.
After graduation, Ernie enlisted in the Navy and we lost track of each other, went our seperate ways and we both had other lives and families. We each ended up getting divorced, then after 35 years apart we remet and it was like we had always been together. (Everything was the same except for a few extra pounds and a little less hair.) We fell in Love and a year later,  got married and our lives have been amazing ever since!
So now we are living the retirement dream of fresh air and beautiful views of blue skies and desert clouds!